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The Miz's Journal
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Below are the 11 most recent journal entries recorded in The Miz's LiveJournal:

Sunday, September 9th, 2001
8:35 pm
Nudie Bar
Well this weekend was alright. First it started out friday afternoon with a Battalion party out at the beach. It was good cuz we got to get out of work at noon, but I still had to hang around marines the rest of the afternoon. Then that night a friend's g/f had never been to a strip club so a bunch of us got together and went. It's only been my fourth time at one. I went to one out in Cally but didn't partake in any action. Then I went to the one out here for Ed's bachelor party, but I ended up leaving early. The third time was for Ed's reception, where Steve bought me six lap dances (yes my first ever). Then this time was the best yet. My friends finally got me to go up to the main stage to get one of those dollar "thrills". The girl was very good looking, and decided to touch me everytime she went past. The another girl, very good looking too (actually the only good looking ones in the place were in fact those two) decided to take my hat. I mean thats my hat, I wear the thig everywhere I go. It's like apart of my head. So I go up to her and get my hat back and she came back and sat down beside me. My friend then bought me a lap dance, for some reason I don't feel right asking a girl to do that but then again it is her job. So the night went on and my friend bought a lap dance for his g/f, against her will of course. It was quite funny. Then the dollar dances came, I got a couple but the last dance was when the guy gives the stripper the dance, and of course I was elected. So I pulled out my outstanding dancing skills, and danced for her. Everyone thought it was quite funny. The the first girl took my hat and lead me to the back room with it (I can't resist a girl that sticks her lip out--especially a good looking one. So I went in the back room with her and I'd have to say that it was interesting (plus she danced to I Wanna Fuck You Like an Animal - NIN). Then the rest of the time I got dollar dances off of her. I enjoyed it. But I did drop forty bucks there, better than my friend who spent ninety. But all in all it was a good time. But the rest of the weekend was the same as usual. But at least football season started. Woo-hoo.

The Miz

Current Mood: content
Wednesday, September 5th, 2001
8:17 pm
Soap Opera
Wow, I tell you what I have no drama in my life....riiight. First of all, both of my best friends got married and live out in town now. And for some reason I feel it is necessary to treat the one girl like shit cuz she took my best friend away from me. She just thought that I hated her. But since I'm not too good with expressing my feelings, I wrote her a note explaining my situation and how I was sorry for being an ass, and that I'll try to deal with "sharing" him. The other one ain't so bad cuz it is a "contract marriage" and they are only in it for the money. But right now he is at Corporals' Course so he is gone. Then I sort of intruded in on another of my friends relationship and they are both pissed off at me now. But to top it off today I had to sit in a "meeting" with my sergeant and a few of my friends cuz we knew something about another marine's wife (that marine also works with us but is about to go on a 6 month float out to sea) who has been cheating on him (both ways). So we all told what we knew and left it up to the sergeant to decide what to do with the info since he knew both the marine and the his wife personally. WOW!

Other than that I have been pretty good. We just came off of a 96 that I did a considerable amount of drinking on. But I finally did get my plane tickets to go back home for when I take leave from the 14th to the 28th of this month. I get to go back and watch my uncle marry my aunt (yes they are my uncle and aunt already....don't ask, but I assure you that they are not blood related), plus the county fair will be the weekend after so I'll get to go to that. And of course I'll get to see all of my family and friends that I haven't seen since January. I already go a big ol' bon fire/weiner roast planned out. So I'm all pumped up for that. Plus I'll get to some frog giggin' and turtle trapping.......turtle is soooooo good!!!

The Miz

Current Mood: content
Thursday, August 23rd, 2001
7:45 pm
Well tonight is my last night as a teenager. It sucks cuz now I won't be an undesructable teen anymore. I'm writing tonight since I'll be well intoxicated tomorrow and I'll probably forget or won't have time to post. The plan of the day for tomorrow is as follows: first of all we have a marine corps ball fund raiser (a golf tournament) and I'll be there till 3 for so. I really don't golf, but it gets me out of the shop. After that Ed, Nick, Byl, and I are going out for a guys' night out. The plan is too drink some bierce (beers to the common folk) and venture onto Hooters. After that we'll probably drink some more bierce and then proceed to the bowling alley for a couple games in the drunk man's league. From there I have no clue, but we are creative so I'm sure we can get into trouble somewhere :)

Current Mood: mellow
Monday, August 20th, 2001
9:51 pm
Well this weekend was intersting. But before I begin I would like to say that I spent this weekend alcohol free!!!
First of all, I spent friady night in meckdog's room on the computer and watching tv, and then I went to bed at around 1:30 a.m. When I woke up the clock said 8:00. I was like damn....I'm not tired at all. So I decide to get up, and start the day off early. I then proceeded to walk outside, and when I opened the door I noticed that it was dark outside. Then I observed that the "pm" light was illuminated on the clock, and I was like......shit. So I wonder down to meckdog's room to see what in the hell was going on that night. There Ed reminded me that it was his bachelor party that night. So we went out to one of the wonderful jacksonville strip clubs. First of all, I hate strip clubs, but there was also a cloud of smoke and annoying marines. But I was the D.D. so I had to stay there. I really didnt look around too much cuz I dont get anything out of that kind of stuff. But we finally get out of there and go back to jen's. My one friend, Shawn, passed out on the couch, Nick took Jen's bed, and I took the chair, and since I got like 20 hours of sleep the night before I wasnt tired at all. Then I heard Ed and Jen laughing. Apperently Shawn wasnt anywhere to be seen. So the first thing we thought of is that he went and crawled in bed with Nick, but none of us wanted to go confirm it. Finally Jen went in, but he was not in there. And he wasnt in the bathroom. So we went out to the kitchen......and no Shawn. Finally Jen looked in the laundry cubby hole, and there he was in the fetal position on top of the washer using some dirty clothes as a pillow. It was quite humerous. Then Sunday night I got a new roommate, and he crashed early....those damn married people....you dont know how to stay up....lol. But that was it.

Current Mood: peaceful
Thursday, August 16th, 2001
6:31 pm
Well last night sucked cuz I had duty. I had the responsibility of driving the OOD (officer of the day) around). Cuz for some dumb reason he cannot drive while he is on duty, so I get the joy of driving his ass around. But at least it is a skate duty....most of the time is spent in the room. The night went uneventful, and we get a half a day off the next day. WOO!HOO!

Current Mood: drained
Saturday, August 11th, 2001
5:03 pm
Hey sorry about not writing, but a lot of shit has gone down lately. Everything from my best friend getting married, to my car dying, and me breaking up with my girlfriend. So now since I don't have my best friend, a car, or a girl friend I guess I'll be having a lot more free time on my hands. But right now I need to go get some food, cuz I'm starving.....maybe I'll eat some cheese :)

Current Mood: lonely
Monday, July 23rd, 2001
7:49 pm
Well all of the guys got off of leave today....its been peaceful since they were gone but I hate to admit it but I did miss them. But I am a little depressed about something. Byl bought his g/f back with him. Now this isn't bad generally but I know what it's going to lead to. I am really happy for Byl. I've never seen him so happy since I've known the guy. But this also means that we wont be hanging out as much. And since Nero is gone he was my best friend out here. We did everything together. We even had our share of run ins with the law. But I can say I will miss him. I know I can't be selfish but I can't help it....but at least he is happy. Betsy is a really great girl from what I can tell so far. Now Byl is going to get a place out in town with her, and things just won't be the same...but I guess I can't expect it to be. I just wish him all the happiness in the world. But Byl I'll miss ya....

Current Mood: depressed
Saturday, July 21st, 2001
10:19 pm
Wow my head is a lot cooler now!!! But let me tell you how it happened. We were at work friday around 1530 (330), and we were bored as usual and anticipating the end or the work day. Plus we got notice that we had a slot open for Close Combat Instructors Course, and there was a fight over who was going to get to go. So our Gunny opened the tool room (a 8' x 10' room) and told me, Patton, and Allen (the two that wanted it) to get in and whoever came out first got the position. Well I never wanted to go in the first place, and they would never send me anyhow since I'm the only 2811 (telephone/switchboard tech) in the shop, but they thought it would be funny since I talk a lot of shit all of the time. Anyhow, they put me in the room and closed the door. But to take away from the moment.....I had my hair dyed from light brown to an orangish color and it was sort of two-toned from getting a hair cut that weekend and I was supposed to of had it dyed back by the end of the week which I purposely ignored. So back in the room....Patton picked up a roll of riggers tape (like duct tape only stronger) and tossed it to Allen. Like a retard I watched the tape as it passed in front of me into Allen's hands, and in the mean time Patton grabbed both of my arms and put the behind my back, since I was in awe watching the tape float though the air. So they proceeded to tape my legs together, my hands behind my back, and they knelt me down and taped my hands to my feet. Then Allen got his clippers and Patton put a trash can under my head. By this time the door was open and everyone was watching. So Allen went to begin when Gunny pulled the cord. He then asked "Do you concent to them cutting your hair?" If I were to say no I knew the other outcome....later in the barracks it would be done anyway. So I said "It don't matter to me" cuz ive done it before and it keeps your head a lot cooler anyhow. So with that the clippers were plugged back in and this is the outcome...........

*Jen took the pic and wrote the comments, since I'm not that smart to do something like that...or she's just a computer genius (but I think it's the first one!!!)

So that's the story.

Current Mood: mischievous
Thursday, July 19th, 2001
7:58 pm
Well it's been awhile since I wrote but my roommate just moved out and with him went the cable, phone, and internet so yeah....but at least my room is a lot cleaner now. Nothing exciting has happened in the past few days. Now I am watching Spy TV.....what a good show!!! but anyhow I'm looking forward to this weekend. One of my friends from 29 Palms is home on recruiters assistance, so I'm going to go see him down in Georgia. Man these guys on the show are mean!!! HAHA!!

Current Mood: blank
Saturday, July 14th, 2001
8:37 pm
woooo!!! as you know nero is in okie, so jen is privledged with my company. anyhow, me and her (good english there) went out to eat at apple bees, where they screwed up my order but putting some nasty green peppers on my damn chicken, but at least i didnt have to pay for it! then we proceeded to little caesars where she had to return something and i ran into dobbs, a marine i work with, and she told him that we were going to the movies together. but that aint the bad part. after that we had to go the walmart to pick up some kitty litter. so on our way out we ran into fitz, another marine i work with that doesnt like nero that much, and i said "wasabi", as usual and he just shook his head and said "you crazy" and continued to walk. so that will start some gossip in the shop. so well wait and see what develops....so until then toodles.

Current Mood: amused
4:28 pm
hello everyone!!! this is my first entry! woohoo! well i guess im supposed to tell you about my day or something....well, i rolld off the couch this morning at about 1030 and have been sitting at my computer ever since. well something interseting did happen....i was talking to katie, my girlfriend for those of you that dont know already, and some little shit messaged me and asked me if he could have her. he proceeded to talk as if he were a black person, it aint that bad only i couldnt understand him, and i know he was white cuz unfortunately there are no black people where i come from. so i let him know that and he threatened to kick me in the eye. at this i almost rolled out of my chair. "kick me in the eye...." how creative. i was talking to katie at the time too and i asked her about this annoying little shit. she laughed and said that he reminded her of theodore off of alvin and the chimpmucks. so i relayed the message to him and he got all pissed off (haha), he started telling me how he was going to "beat my ass". finally i asked him if he even knew who i was.....when i told him i was a marine he replied with a "oh im just kidding around". he then asked me my height and weight, and acted like we were old time friends. i made fun of him cuz he said he was going to join the air force and he ended up leaving and i blocked him from my list. so that was the exciting part of my day.....well at least so far...

Current Mood: crazy
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