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Wow my head is a lot cooler now!!! But let me tell you how it happened. We were at work friday around 1530 (330), and we were bored as usual and anticipating the end or the work day. Plus we got notice that we had a slot open for Close Combat Instructors Course, and there was a fight over who was going to get to go. So our Gunny opened the tool room (a 8' x 10' room) and told me, Patton, and Allen (the two that wanted it) to get in and whoever came out first got the position. Well I never wanted to go in the first place, and they would never send me anyhow since I'm the only 2811 (telephone/switchboard tech) in the shop, but they thought it would be funny since I talk a lot of shit all of the time. Anyhow, they put me in the room and closed the door. But to take away from the moment.....I had my hair dyed from light brown to an orangish color and it was sort of two-toned from getting a hair cut that weekend and I was supposed to of had it dyed back by the end of the week which I purposely ignored. So back in the room....Patton picked up a roll of riggers tape (like duct tape only stronger) and tossed it to Allen. Like a retard I watched the tape as it passed in front of me into Allen's hands, and in the mean time Patton grabbed both of my arms and put the behind my back, since I was in awe watching the tape float though the air. So they proceeded to tape my legs together, my hands behind my back, and they knelt me down and taped my hands to my feet. Then Allen got his clippers and Patton put a trash can under my head. By this time the door was open and everyone was watching. So Allen went to begin when Gunny pulled the cord. He then asked "Do you concent to them cutting your hair?" If I were to say no I knew the other outcome....later in the barracks it would be done anyway. So I said "It don't matter to me" cuz ive done it before and it keeps your head a lot cooler anyhow. So with that the clippers were plugged back in and this is the outcome...........

*Jen took the pic and wrote the comments, since I'm not that smart to do something like that...or she's just a computer genius (but I think it's the first one!!!)

So that's the story.
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