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Well all of the guys got off of leave today....its been peaceful since they were gone but I hate to admit it but I did miss them. But I am a little depressed about something. Byl bought his g/f back with him. Now this isn't bad generally but I know what it's going to lead to. I am really happy for Byl. I've never seen him so happy since I've known the guy. But this also means that we wont be hanging out as much. And since Nero is gone he was my best friend out here. We did everything together. We even had our share of run ins with the law. But I can say I will miss him. I know I can't be selfish but I can't help it....but at least he is happy. Betsy is a really great girl from what I can tell so far. Now Byl is going to get a place out in town with her, and things just won't be the same...but I guess I can't expect it to be. I just wish him all the happiness in the world. But Byl I'll miss ya....
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