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Well this weekend was intersting. But before I begin I would like to say that I spent this weekend alcohol free!!!
First of all, I spent friady night in meckdog's room on the computer and watching tv, and then I went to bed at around 1:30 a.m. When I woke up the clock said 8:00. I was like damn....I'm not tired at all. So I decide to get up, and start the day off early. I then proceeded to walk outside, and when I opened the door I noticed that it was dark outside. Then I observed that the "pm" light was illuminated on the clock, and I was like......shit. So I wonder down to meckdog's room to see what in the hell was going on that night. There Ed reminded me that it was his bachelor party that night. So we went out to one of the wonderful jacksonville strip clubs. First of all, I hate strip clubs, but there was also a cloud of smoke and annoying marines. But I was the D.D. so I had to stay there. I really didnt look around too much cuz I dont get anything out of that kind of stuff. But we finally get out of there and go back to jen's. My one friend, Shawn, passed out on the couch, Nick took Jen's bed, and I took the chair, and since I got like 20 hours of sleep the night before I wasnt tired at all. Then I heard Ed and Jen laughing. Apperently Shawn wasnt anywhere to be seen. So the first thing we thought of is that he went and crawled in bed with Nick, but none of us wanted to go confirm it. Finally Jen went in, but he was not in there. And he wasnt in the bathroom. So we went out to the kitchen......and no Shawn. Finally Jen looked in the laundry cubby hole, and there he was in the fetal position on top of the washer using some dirty clothes as a pillow. It was quite humerous. Then Sunday night I got a new roommate, and he crashed early....those damn married dont know how to stay But that was it.
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