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Well tonight is my last night as a teenager. It sucks cuz now I won't be an undesructable teen anymore. I'm writing tonight since I'll be well intoxicated tomorrow and I'll probably forget or won't have time to post. The plan of the day for tomorrow is as follows: first of all we have a marine corps ball fund raiser (a golf tournament) and I'll be there till 3 for so. I really don't golf, but it gets me out of the shop. After that Ed, Nick, Byl, and I are going out for a guys' night out. The plan is too drink some bierce (beers to the common folk) and venture onto Hooters. After that we'll probably drink some more bierce and then proceed to the bowling alley for a couple games in the drunk man's league. From there I have no clue, but we are creative so I'm sure we can get into trouble somewhere :)
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