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Wow, I tell you what I have no drama in my life....riiight. First of all, both of my best friends got married and live out in town now. And for some reason I feel it is necessary to treat the one girl like shit cuz she took my best friend away from me. She just thought that I hated her. But since I'm not too good with expressing my feelings, I wrote her a note explaining my situation and how I was sorry for being an ass, and that I'll try to deal with "sharing" him. The other one ain't so bad cuz it is a "contract marriage" and they are only in it for the money. But right now he is at Corporals' Course so he is gone. Then I sort of intruded in on another of my friends relationship and they are both pissed off at me now. But to top it off today I had to sit in a "meeting" with my sergeant and a few of my friends cuz we knew something about another marine's wife (that marine also works with us but is about to go on a 6 month float out to sea) who has been cheating on him (both ways). So we all told what we knew and left it up to the sergeant to decide what to do with the info since he knew both the marine and the his wife personally. WOW!

Other than that I have been pretty good. We just came off of a 96 that I did a considerable amount of drinking on. But I finally did get my plane tickets to go back home for when I take leave from the 14th to the 28th of this month. I get to go back and watch my uncle marry my aunt (yes they are my uncle and aunt already....don't ask, but I assure you that they are not blood related), plus the county fair will be the weekend after so I'll get to go to that. And of course I'll get to see all of my family and friends that I haven't seen since January. I already go a big ol' bon fire/weiner roast planned out. So I'm all pumped up for that. Plus I'll get to some frog giggin' and turtle trapping.......turtle is soooooo good!!!

The Miz
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