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Nudie Bar

Well this weekend was alright. First it started out friday afternoon with a Battalion party out at the beach. It was good cuz we got to get out of work at noon, but I still had to hang around marines the rest of the afternoon. Then that night a friend's g/f had never been to a strip club so a bunch of us got together and went. It's only been my fourth time at one. I went to one out in Cally but didn't partake in any action. Then I went to the one out here for Ed's bachelor party, but I ended up leaving early. The third time was for Ed's reception, where Steve bought me six lap dances (yes my first ever). Then this time was the best yet. My friends finally got me to go up to the main stage to get one of those dollar "thrills". The girl was very good looking, and decided to touch me everytime she went past. The another girl, very good looking too (actually the only good looking ones in the place were in fact those two) decided to take my hat. I mean thats my hat, I wear the thig everywhere I go. It's like apart of my head. So I go up to her and get my hat back and she came back and sat down beside me. My friend then bought me a lap dance, for some reason I don't feel right asking a girl to do that but then again it is her job. So the night went on and my friend bought a lap dance for his g/f, against her will of course. It was quite funny. Then the dollar dances came, I got a couple but the last dance was when the guy gives the stripper the dance, and of course I was elected. So I pulled out my outstanding dancing skills, and danced for her. Everyone thought it was quite funny. The the first girl took my hat and lead me to the back room with it (I can't resist a girl that sticks her lip out--especially a good looking one. So I went in the back room with her and I'd have to say that it was interesting (plus she danced to I Wanna Fuck You Like an Animal - NIN). Then the rest of the time I got dollar dances off of her. I enjoyed it. But I did drop forty bucks there, better than my friend who spent ninety. But all in all it was a good time. But the rest of the weekend was the same as usual. But at least football season started. Woo-hoo.

The Miz
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