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hello everyone!!! this is my first entry! woohoo! well i guess im supposed to tell you about my day or something....well, i rolld off the couch this morning at about 1030 and have been sitting at my computer ever since. well something interseting did happen....i was talking to katie, my girlfriend for those of you that dont know already, and some little shit messaged me and asked me if he could have her. he proceeded to talk as if he were a black person, it aint that bad only i couldnt understand him, and i know he was white cuz unfortunately there are no black people where i come from. so i let him know that and he threatened to kick me in the eye. at this i almost rolled out of my chair. "kick me in the eye...." how creative. i was talking to katie at the time too and i asked her about this annoying little shit. she laughed and said that he reminded her of theodore off of alvin and the chimpmucks. so i relayed the message to him and he got all pissed off (haha), he started telling me how he was going to "beat my ass". finally i asked him if he even knew who i was.....when i told him i was a marine he replied with a "oh im just kidding around". he then asked me my height and weight, and acted like we were old time friends. i made fun of him cuz he said he was going to join the air force and he ended up leaving and i blocked him from my list. so that was the exciting part of my day.....well at least so far...
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