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woooo!!! as you know nero is in okie, so jen is privledged with my company. anyhow, me and her (good english there) went out to eat at apple bees, where they screwed up my order but putting some nasty green peppers on my damn chicken, but at least i didnt have to pay for it! then we proceeded to little caesars where she had to return something and i ran into dobbs, a marine i work with, and she told him that we were going to the movies together. but that aint the bad part. after that we had to go the walmart to pick up some kitty litter. so on our way out we ran into fitz, another marine i work with that doesnt like nero that much, and i said "wasabi", as usual and he just shook his head and said "you crazy" and continued to walk. so that will start some gossip in the shop. so well wait and see what until then toodles.
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